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new solution for taking clients, students or colleagues on a virtual walk-through that truly is shared. Live-Guided Tours allow you to have a video call inside of a virtual tour. For the personal touch and assistance that remote showings may have lacked up to now

How To work :

Tour link :

Pw:69999007 username:123

Once your tour is online, you can Start the Live Guided Tour, which means you open the line for guests to dial in. For that, right click on the tour and select “Start Live Guided Tour”. Now, is when you’ll be asked to insert the password established above. This will make you the host of the session. Once you’re online as the host, guests start seeing the option to “dial in” and you will be notified of any call coming in.

1. open the tour by latest chrome , Right Click And Host the meeting

2.Once you’re through these explanation windows, you’re ready to be called. Make sure your settings allow for notifications in your browser. Otherwise, you won’t be able to be notified of an incoming call.

In your browser, you need to give permission to access the camera and microphone. The browser system will ask you this automatically upon accessing the URL for the first time (as soon as somebody calls you). Make sure you click “Allow” to grant access in the permission window. You can revoke this permission in your browser settings at all times.

Should you not see this window or accidentally have denied permission, you can go to your browser settings, search for the term “camera” and under “Site Settings” view and edit the sites that block and allow your camera access. This is the case for both host and guests accessing Live Guided Tours.


Guests will only be able to call, when there is a host logged in as such. As soon as the host logged in, any visitor of the virtual tour will see the option to “START LIVE SESSION” on the top of the screen.

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